It´s all about Emotions

It is emotions that shape and guide our decisions. Whether an advertising message inspires us, makes us smile or laugh, or touches us deeply, the emotional connection it creates is the key to the decision-making process. After all, it is these strong, unforgettable feelings that make us prefer a brand, remember a product and ultimately make a purchase decision. For us, it’s not just about advertising, it’s about emotions!

AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence tools? Absolute game changers for us in the content sector! They promote our work, open doors to new and different creative approaches and optimize the time availability of results.

The big advantage? When these tools are combined with our human expertise, the results are more than remarkable.

This allows us to create customized, innovative content that not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations. AIs therefore offer an extra boost for even more creativity.

This interaction is therefore an attractive win-win situation for you and us.

Hall ofFame

VoxelAir not only supports regional medium-sized companies, but also international corporations and start-ups from almost all sectors and fields of knowledge.


Embark on a journey with VoxelAir in which classic advertising and digital concepts merge harmoniously.

22 Years Voxel­ Air

From A to Z, we take your project under our wing, create a route map together with you and let your brand or project grow into something great.

Founded in 2002 in Leonberg, we are a full-service advertising agency that has since relocated its headquarters to Friolzheim in Württemberg, between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. In the modern, engineering-driven automotive environment, we make our customers’ services and products visible, regardless of the industry – both online and offline.

What we do


Discover the digital depth with Octerpus, our eight-armed expert for WEBSITES, ONLINESHOPS and APIs. With the precision of a tentacle, he connects you with WORDPRESS, TYPO3 and SHOPWARE, interweaves your ideas with the ChatGPT API and creates shiny APPLE or ANDROID APPS as well as individual HTML5 solutions. Octerpus binds customers to your digital platforms with its suction cups – effective, search engine optimized and with a strategy that makes your business shine. Fair, fast and targeted, it navigates the digital sea for your sales, branding and marketing success.


Ignite a firework of colors with our chili hot paint roller! When designing your logo, stationery and brochures, we mix individuality with a pinch of daring and a drop of strategy. Our designers refine every design with the necessary flair for fiery details. We not only adhere to design guidelines and brand standards, but also spice them up with publication-specific principles to give your corporate image the right edge. Because “print is not dead!” – it’s alive and kicking like never before. We focus on a design that is as unique as your company after a thorough analysis of the market and competition to ensure that your image becomes as distinctive as the flavor of a fresh chili.


Let your presentations shine with the spice and precision of a gourmet hot dog stand. Almost two decades of experience in PowerPoint and keynote speak for us like the carefully selected ingredients of a hot dog for the connoisseur. Your audience will be as drawn to our charts and graphics as they are to the irresistible aroma of freshly baked rolls. We serve you individual master slides according to your corporate design, as perfectly fitting as the sausage in the roll. And for those who like it particularly modern: Prezi presentations, refined and presented with the skill with which a top chef doses his mustard. Do you want your presentations to be as appealing and convincing as a bite into a perfectly garnished hot dog? We have the ingredients and the know-how to manage it.

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But first Coffee

Some time ago, we moved into our new agency premises in Friolzheim with even more space for creativity.
Fancy a coffee, espresso or latte macchiato with oat milk?

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